Sunday, April 29, 2007

Four Dresses and some News!

Ethereal dresses are up today.. each set comes with the top, shorties, mini flex skirt and fishnet stockings and are sold separately

Now for the NEWS.....
I'd like to officially welcome Ripp Cushing and Skylar Pomeray to the Stellar Designs team!
They are longgggg time friends of mine and amazing builders.. and will now be here to provide you with matching footwear and jewelry for stellar clothes. YAY!!

Keep watching for the announcement for when their stuff will be available in the megastore, it is surely something you do not want to miss!

Here's a little teaser pic of some goodies they have been working on :) ALL prim diamond tennis bracelet and choker and those sexy shoes (wooooot!) I think they speak for themselves hehe

Happy Sunday! :)

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Ripp Cushing said...

I want to say hello to all of the people who read this and buy from Stellar Designs. I will mainly be working on Jewelery and other accessories. Skylar will be concentrating on Foot Apparel. If you have any suggestions or comments please direct them to the appropriate person. Me and sky will not be doing custom work, unless of course you are rich :P