Sunday, April 15, 2007

New in the MOBVEND

I need warm weather already! 35 degrees in April is NOT COOL and very unusual for my part of the east coast. So, I took my frustrations out on this outfit and stuck it in the mobvend last night.
Summertime is a cute stripey summery flexi mini dress that also includes matching shoes and bleach blonde flex hair.
If you are a member of the Stellar Designs group, you already know that we have "Mob parties" where a random member will IM the group with "Lets MOB Lexi!" ...and normally a good part of the group (including myself if avail) will join in and you all get it for the lowest price. It's so nice to actually be a part of something with my awesome customers, I dont get to do that too often since i'm a hermit hehe. Great fun too :D
If you aren't a member.. you are missing out on some goodies :) Join today!

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