Friday, May 18, 2007

Jewelry, Shoes and Newssssss!

I had to blog these items for my Stellar associates, Ripp Cushing and Skylar Pomeray because well.. holy crap...I nearly had heart failure when I went to look at their new items in their showroom this morning (which is located on the very top floor of my megastore @ stellar isle)

The shoes are available in a bunch of great colors and are absolutely stunning.
I especially love the wedge heel and little studs up the back

Now for the cuff watches... I love these! They are working watches and run on SL time. Alligator and snake skin available
....and the NEWS!!
I've decided that I cant deal with a 4 floor store. lol. So, you guessed it.. I'm rebuilding the whole island! Well, *I'm* not rebuilding it, Ripp is because he's freakin amazing with that stuff and i'm pretty confident it will be fabulous! I've known him for over 6yrs and I know what he's capable of doing. We're sticking with the "beachy" theme, but we're going for a modern realistic chain of stores for each department... type thing. Ripp and Sky will of course have their own store along with the merchants that are currently with me. Not doing a mall thing at all.. just a clean, very organized, "stores on the beach" kinda look.
We are trying to keep things as orderly as possible during the build so you are still able to visit/shop with us. There may be a short time (couple hours tops) in the near future when the existing build goes poof but we'll have it all back together quickly! Ok i'm shutting up now!
Hugs! Loves! and all that good schtuff!~Lexi


Anonymous said...

Great news lexi i cant wait to see the new place and such beautiful items you posted too hon
hugs back

Alphabet Qi said...

Holy moly, those shoes!! Will have to go look at colors straight away.
How exciting about the new build, too, and that you have such faith in Ripp. I think it's great that you are able to put so much trust in the creative capabilities of another---what is SL after all, if not a huge collaboration?
Keep us posted