Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Stellar Skin Update and stuff!

I'm so so so happy with the makeups! I am a huge fan of expensive...errr "quality" makeup in rl. Yeah my habit gets me in trouble a lot but shhhh... I'm a girl and I enjoy the finer things damnit! lol :P
I guess thats why i've spent the majority of the time so far on the faces. I LOVE color and detail.
Anywayyyyyyyy, thought I'd show you how they are coming along :)
There will be 8 makeups (to start with) in each of the 3 skintones (only one tone shown here).
Two skins will come in each pack...one with a beauty mark by the lip and one without. I think.

Also, as much as I like prim eye lashes.. I get too frustrated with them and end up ripping them off due to them interfering with the alpha on my hairstyles, etc. So, I've made sure to take that into consideration by eliminating the need for them and drawing a bit of the lash right in the eye makeup!

It wasnt planned.. but I made a new "Kissable" dress in Black Licorice. Shame on me for not making my usual black set lol, I got yelled at for it.. so go grab your friends and get that price down low! :)

Hair (in all pictures) by ETD - Boots in Kissable by Nevermore Studios


Anonymous said...

I love pinks and cherries ... and yours covers everything!

They look HOT !!

Lexi Morgan said...

Yay! :))

HeatherFev21 said...

Will you STOP already with the teasing!?!?!!!!



Lexi Morgan said...

LOL but its funnn :P