Saturday, July 14, 2007

New Crop Jeans & Pouty Lip Skins!

Cute new hand drawn belted crop jeans are in the store tonight.
(Located in the jeans isle-first on the left)
I started these about 2 weeks ago and was dying to wear them so I finished them up tonight. They come with 6 different colored belt options or the 12 pack as shown below. Lightwash and darkwash jeans are in each pack!
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I know I said that my goal was to have these out by Monday but I think my weekend is going to be hectic so I wanted these out tonight.. so basically I worked my butt off all through last night and today lol wOOt!
Six new Pouty lip makeups for the surreal skins are in the womens store! The colors left to right are (top row) Sugarcoated, Sour Grapes, Latte,
(bottom row) Saucy, Just Peachy and Bittersweet.
Only the Radiant skintone is shown below but all makeups are available in 3 skintones.

Come try a demo :)
Have a great weekend!

Jeans ad:
Body Stars (tintable) Tattoos by Stellar Designs
Shoes: KK Outfitters

Skin ad:
Hair by Celestial Studios

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