Tuesday, July 24, 2007

New for the Guys & Gals

Femme Fatale (leather set) - includes top-shorties-mini flex prim skirt-fingerless gloves-garter/panties-stockings AND a "non prim" skirt. It's on the new items shelves to the right.

Mens Open Button Shirts - 7 color choices, sold separately or in the mega pack and are on the jacket layer. They're in the mens shop, center area.

All items are no transfer as usual.

Her: Hair by GuRL 6, Skin-Stellar Surreal Pouty, Shoes by Fenom Gasparini
Him: Hair by Naughty Designs, Necklace by Shiny Things, Boxer Briefs & Jeans by Stellar, Skin-Fnky!

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