Friday, August 24, 2007

Brand New Fall Line..Released

Finally ..pheww!
I think it's somewhere over 50 new items... mens, womens, even a new pair of vinyl thigh high boots.
The new ladies items are in the center of the store where the skins use to be and the skins and brand new shapes have moved to their own shop as mentioned on the last post.
The men don't have quite as many new items as the ladies but I think you'll like them :)
They're all in the center of the mens shop.
I think mostly every outfit has something sculptie in it!
Here's a sample of some things... come check out the rest in person

click to enlarge pics

See more about the mens outfits at SL Men.
Thanks, Ben!
If you haven't visited his website, you need to! :)

Her hair(s): GuRL6
His hair: Naughty Designs

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