Wednesday, August 01, 2007

A lil somethin for everyone

My double vision reminds me that I put in way too many hours drawing :)
Todays releases may seem simple... but for me, jeans are one of the most difficult things to perfect. Between getting the denim colors natural looking, drawing the seams, wrinkles and shading in the right places.. bleh you get the idea. The fact that they are one of the cheapest articles of clothing to buy in SL, baffles me because generally they are very time consuming (for those that draw them anyway).

First up are Stellar Signature Jeans in light, medium and dark wash - sold individually or the 3 pack. Each includes a copy/mod/no transfer pair on the pants and undewear layer. They're on the new items shelves to the right of the entrance in the womens shop.
-click on the picture to see it bigger-

I've also made some colorful Mens V Neck Tees. Again, sold individually or pick up the big ole' 6 pack where you save some Lindens. These are mod/copy/no transfer and are in the mens shop. HOWEVER - yup, you guessed it... I was wearing them as I usually do with my mens clothes and even with the shading and wrinkles meant for a man, it looks hot on the ladies too! So YAY unisexy!
-click on the pictures to see them bigger-

That's it for now. I'm mad tired. Yawn. Ciao!

Her: Stellar Surreal skin - Stellar Body Star tattoos - Cushing shoes
Him: Naughty Designs skin & hair - FORM necklace - Shiny Things bracelet - Stellar jeans

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