Monday, August 13, 2007

Plaid dresses and lotsa news!

Four new "Pretty in Plaid" Dresses are in the store tonight (5 if you count the red set in the MobVend which goes insanely cheap!). I felt like making these sets with a non-prim skirt.. so here you have them. They're on the new items shelves to the left of the entrance.

MOBVEND ONLY (red set)

Hair by GuRL6
Skin - Stellar (unreleased)
Jewelry - Stellar

Now for the NEWS!!
~First I want to mention that this will be the last of my summer'y releases. I'm ready for the cooler weather, so I will be working on a new fall line for the next 1-2-3 weeks and probably will release a bunch all at once.
~Next.. The skin i'm wearing in the pix above.. well, that's another huge project that i'm working on. If you've noticed the past few posts i've mentioned in the credits that the skin i'm wearing is one of mine, but unreleased. Yup.. keep your eyes open for my Surreal Blonde Bombshell Skins coming soon! See the blonde eyebrows? It was a request from about 10 different customers of mine and then I realized that I needed it too because I am blonde 98% of the time :) so ya.. I'm working on them too! I've changed a little on the face and other things here and there so think of it as a Surreal version 2.0. I also might make these ones tintable, not sure yet. yes? no?
~I will be putting a TON of items on clearance to make room for the fall/winter clothes in the womens store. I mean clearance like mad-ridiculous-low prices. After I have that ready, I will post it here and on the stellar group notices.. so keep watching.
~Finally, my hair guru Six Kennedy (lol) and I have talked about putting together complete avatar packages - hair, skin, clothing, shape & whatever else we feel like throwing in - these will be exclusive items that can only be bought in these packages! This is something I am VERY excited about. "Stellar GuRL".
We both seem to be crazy busy lately but hopefully we won't make you wait too long for that! If so, yell at Six.. its her fault! :) LOL :::whistles innocently:::
mmkay I've rambled long enough..
Loves, hugs and all that good shtuff!


Six Kennedy said...

Haha! I promise I am so on it !!!

Six Kennedy said...

OOOOOOOOps I didnt realize comment moderation was on so I kept reposting LOL

Lexi Morgan said...

and yeah I cant stand this moderation crap too, but I seem to have a stalker lol