Friday, September 28, 2007

Stellar Halloween Headquarters is Open!

I decided to open a few days early (my goal was Oct 1). LOTS of costumes for men and women (even some full avatars), sculpted decorations including pumpkins, the cutest sculpted balloons with flexi strings, coffins/tombstones and even some halloween/fall clothing. Too much to remember before my first cup of coffee this morning :)
The new Halloween store is right across from the Stellar Skin Shop... come have a look!

Here are just a few pictures
(click for a larger view)

Sculpted Latex balloons with flexi strings.. I love these!


Claudine Jewell said...

heya i love the halloween shop the baloons are cool and i found my fave halloween tee yay ...thx

Lexi Morgan said...

Thank you, Claudine :) I'm glad you like it all!