Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sentenced to... BED O.o

Ugh, here's the lowdown...
I've been feeling lousy lately. I have always had bronchial problems which makes me really susceptible to pneumonia. I had double pneumonia about 2.5 yrs ago and ended up in the hospital for a week, basically climbing the walls wanting to leave.
So, I was in the hospital today and yup.. I have pneumonia again. I really hate when rl interferes with sl!! I am soooooooo not the bedrest type but I'm told that's what I have to do to kick it this time. I even had the vaccination last time. A lot of good that did lol
If you need to contact me in SL please send me a notecard and I will get to it asap. If you need help with something in one of my stores, I'm positive that one or more of my awesome customer service reps can assist you. I know my IMs will cap frequently since I have to rest a lot for the next week or so but I will sneak on every so often when no ones looking :P shhh!
I have the urge to make stuff and I'm not suppose to be doing it.. that blows!
I'll probably end up dragging my laptop into bed with me because bored and me don't get along.
See you hopefully sooner then later!
I almost forgot to put this shirt out.. it's free and it's in my Halloween Headquarters store @ Stellar Isle :)


Tymmerie said...

Oh my gosh! I am sending you good thoughts! I hope you feel better soon! Remember that if you take care of yourself, you are likely to recover more quickly than if you don't let yourself rest.

Someone who loves jooo said...

Feel better sweets and get the rest that your body needs b4 I come and tuck you into bed myself. And you know I will =)

Ana Lutetia said...

awww. :(

Hope you get better really soon!!

Lexi Morgan said...

Thank you everyone! :))