Wednesday, December 19, 2007


*edit-- My vent regarding the hunt!
If you are easily offended stop reading this. I'm sorry but this just needs to be said.
I wouldn't normally post something like this but grrrr it really struck a nerve.
I have never, in my life, experienced such ungratefullness with something that is suppose to be fun and best of all FREE. I cant imagine that I am the only designer that has gone through this either.
This of course is not in reference to everyone... but the few that sent me notecards and group IMs complaining about giving away free entire outfits and mega packs in the hunt should be ashamed of yourselves. I sent out info to the group. I said there will be 12 gifts for men 12 for women and some empty ornaments. I never stated that everyone can get all 24 items. I also cant help the fact that there were 74 people on the sim within 2 minutes of announcing it had begun. Sheesh.. selfish much? You do realize that I am not *required* to give away free stuff and I do it out of the kindness of my heart, right? With that said, dont hold out your hand the next time that I give a free group gift and do me and yourself a favor and dont fucking participate in the next event that I have that entitles you to win free merchandise. ok? I wont tolerate bullshit. I dont have time for it.
To those that loved the hunt as much as I did... *big hugs* and Happy Holidays to you!!

TIME: 5:30pm SL TIME
PLACE: Stellar Isle
12 gifts for men, 12 gifts for women will be given away! Find a $0 buyable ornament (which are labeled mens or womens) and you win! There are also empty ornaments scattered around :)
You wont want to miss this.. the gifts are VERY nice!
The sim will open back up at exactly 5:30!

p.s. If you would like to know about events such as this in advance (and receive cool gifts each month) please join the Stellar Designs group. I tend to let the group know before blogging info :)

The 24 gifts have all been found! Thank you all for playing, I hope you had fun and I hope you like your gifts. Please feel free to stay and ice skate, have some hot chocolate and have your picture taken with Santa in the Holiday Shop!


Cinomed said...

Awwee.... people can really suck sometimes, don't let it get you down. People like that are not worth the drama or worry.


Thanks for the event!

Matty said...

Ya cant please everyone babes but I know you try your best. Your heart is in the right place too bad everyones isnt. Loves u

Lexi Morgan said...

Thank you both :)) and also everyone who has sent me replies in world. *hugggs* and Happy Holidays!