Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Thermals, Jeans and a Holiday Freebie!

New Unisex Thermal Shirts! Ok I made these for the men but yanno how that ends up lol. Six color options, each sold separately or the 6 pack which will save you some bucks... anddddd as per request by Ben on the last set of mens shirts that I made, these ones come with a tucked and untucked version in each box. See I do listen! :P

(click on the pix to see them bigger)
New Distressed Jeans for Men. Light, medium, dark and dirty wash each sold separately or the 4 pack in which again, you will save some lindens.
These jeans and the thermal shirts can both be found in the mens shop.
....and finally, a freebie for all. It's available in the Stellar Isle Holiday Shop only.

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