Friday, February 01, 2008

Amore Layered Tee ::FREE::

I was asked to make one of my layered tees for Valentine's Day, so here it is! It comes with a tucked & untucked version and it's available at the front desk of the womens & mens shops since it is unisex. BUT... my Stellar Designs group got it for free along with a really cute matching Amore sculpted latex balloon.

Not a member of the group? What are you waiting for??! :)

What he's wearing: Hair by Naughty Skin by Abyss Tattoo'd Jeans by Stellar

What she's wearing: Hair by GuRL 6 Skin by RaC

Sculpted Heart Choker, Stargazed Leather Skirt, Tube Socks by Stellar Shoes by KK Outfitters

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