Friday, January 11, 2008


I've submitted my contribution to "Another Fundraiser" which is an event to raise money for UNICEF. I wanted to get involved because when it comes to children there isn't much that I won't do to help. Anyone that knows me and what I've done in real life for the past 10yrs, would understand why. Plus, it was fun doing this!
I don't really know what inspired me to make this Troublemaker skin. I guess I just thought it was cute in a disturbing sort of way lol. I made a similar mens one a few months ago, but this one is of course using the famous Eloh base.
A date has not been set in stone as of yet for the event, but you could stay informed HERE

"October Hair of the month" by GuRL 6
"Little Miss Naughty" outfit by Stellar

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