Thursday, February 07, 2008

Lots new today!

Lots of goodies today for men and women :)

These soft cashmere ribbed sweaters are in the mens shop but of course these look just as good on the ladies. Sold individually or in the 6 pack and are all mod/copy.

HOT unisex Jeans. I LOVE THESE!! They are ink'd and way destroyed just like I like em.
They're in the mens and womens shops, new items shelves and are sold individually or the 4 pack. The wash colors are light/medium/dark/silver and they are all mod/copy.

After my plaid pack of full prim skirts I was asked to make them in leather and I cant refuse a leather suggestion ;)These are of course in the ladies shop, new items shelves to the right of the entrance and are only sold in the 8 pack and are all mod/copy.
-What HE'S wearing in the Cashmere Sweater ad: Hair & skin by Naughty Designs, Dog Tags by Sinistyle, Jeans by Stellar
-What HE'S wearing in the Jeans ad: Hair by The Abyss, skin by MM, Dog Tags by Sinistyle, boots by Renegade
-What SHE'S wearing in the Jeans ad: Hair by Armidi, skin by RaC, Body Star Tattoos by Stellar, boots by Sinistyle
-What SHE'S wearing in the Leather Skirt ad: Hair by Armidi, skin by RaC, Star Choker by Stellar, Little Miss Naughty shirt by Stellar, shoes by Shiny Things

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