Tuesday, March 04, 2008

FREE St. Patty's Goodies!

I started to make some cute things for St. Patty's Day and they're all for sale at the reception area of both the women and mens store.
My Stellar Designs group members got it all for free tonight in a giftbox:)

Also, the 150L and less Clearance Sale will be ending on Thursday, March 6th. There are over 100 items for men and women so if you haven't gotten over there yet, HURRY!
The sale items are only in the clearance shop right across from the skin/shape shop.

What she's wearing: Hair by Armidi - Skin by RaC - Choker by Stellar - Shoes by DeLa - Bracelet by EMJ
What he's wearing: Hair & boots by Sinistyle - Skin by Abyss

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