Tuesday, March 11, 2008

NEW Heart Patched Jeans

Yup I said no new stuff until the clothing fair BUT I'm done making new spring pretties (and a buncha freebies!) for that & my store is all set up so I wanted to put these on Stellar Isle. They're on the right side/new items shelves/womens shop.

They come in 3 wash colors, dark-light-silver & have 2 pairs in a pack because they're belted & unbelted for your convenience except the 3 color pack which actually has 6 pairs. Confused yet?

FYI: The Clothing Fair doesn't start until March 17th so watch for more info to come when it begins!

Hair by Armidi
Skin by RaC
Star Choker by Stellar
Bracelet by EMJ
"Rebel" shirt(s) by Stellar
Shoes by AKEYO

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