Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New Plaid Skirts!

New in the MOBVEND ONLY is this "Burberries" Skirt 6 Pack. Yes, of course the name is taken from one of my favorite companies ever. I've had a few friends asking me for this specific type of plaid *cough Atumn, Prada* so here ya go!
These are totally mod so you can make the length to your shoes or super mini.
Oh and I made the textures myself of course.. so yanno. Kind of ridiculous that we (designers) feel the need to justify how we make things these days so we dont get sent to the corner :P

Anyway.. come mob me in the womens store and get in on a heck of a deal!

Hair: Berri by Truth
Skin: Lily by RaC
Shirt: Halter Dress (black) by Stellar
Earrings: Silver Hoochie Hoops by Stellar
Bracelet: XoXo by EMJ
Shoes: Verve by Maitreya

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