Saturday, April 26, 2008

NOIR. 4 outfits in 1

There are so many pieces to this set.. hoping that I remember them all :) My favorite thing to do is mix and match pieces to create different looks and thats exactly what you could do with this set.
Included are: the top (on shirt & jacket layers), sculpted micro skirt, sheer mini flex skirt, glitch shorts (for the micro and mini skirts), pants with optional sculpted legs, sheer shirt ruffles, gown flex skirt, gown glitch pants, sculpted poofy sleeves & stockings with sculpted bows.

It's on the new items shelves to the right of the entrance in the womens store and I've put it in my onrez store for gift purposes.

Have a great weekend!

Hair by ETD
Choker by Stellar
Skin by Laqroki
Bracelet by EMJ
Shoes by Maitreya

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