Monday, June 16, 2008

Clearance Store & Rentals News!!

I've decided to change up my sim a little bit and add some cute rental stores across the "street" from my main stores (womens/mens/accessories). Some of them are already reserved by a few friends but I have 5 stores left that are rentable. Thats it, just 5! Prim allowance range from 30-75, it's first come first serve and there is a notecard for you to read prior to renting, in the rental box. If you need more prims, we can work something out but I will not change it to a lower amount, sorry. You'll need a Stellar Isle group invite (land group, not my Stellar Designs group), so please make sure you have room for that.

One of these stores I will be using as a Stellar Clearance Shop. Items that will be drastically reduced, may or may not be discontinued (I will specify on the item's box) ... stuff like that.
I will get that store filled up this week so be on the lookout! :)

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