Friday, July 25, 2008

Are you STELLAR enough?


Are you a "Stellar Addict" that loves taking sexy pictures of yourself and loves receiving gifts? Then this challenge is definitely for you!
If you don't already have a flickr account, you'll need one. It's easy to join and free!

I've decided that my Stellar Designs group giveaways are just not enough. Newp.
I want some fun around here and I want to see you in the stuff that you buy at Stellar.

I will be randomly choosing "Stellar Addicts" (male & female) that know how to show their hawt self at my new Stellar flickr group. I may pick winners 5x a month. It could be 1 time.
It'll be whenever I freakin feel like doing it!

It also depends on how many people enter and how often you enter.
There is no limit! The more pictures and different looks that you add, the better your chances of winning. Tell your friends!

Buy Stellar Designs stuff, take pictures, upload them HERE

Ok, theres a little more to it. But it's still simple!

1. You must be wearing at LEAST one Stellar Designs item.
Whether it be clothing, shoes, jewelry, skins, tattoos. I don't care. I want variety.
Wear as much as you want!

2. You must be a member of the Stellar Designs group (in world).
When I pick photo's that catch my eye on flickr, I will be verifying that you are a member in world and I will be announcing the winners via group notices.
Not a member? Your gift goes to someone else.
Want to become a member? Go to Stellar Isle and you will be issued an invite to the group automatically. Just accept it :)

3. Bring Sexy Back!
Ladies and gents... I KNOW you know how to do this.
Make it hot, make it sexy, make it drool worthy.
I wanna see it. ALL.
If you win once and are still bringing it... you CAN be chosen again.

4. With every uploaded picture on flickr please list:
a. Your name in world
b. All of the Stellar Designs items that you are wearing
Also, please do NOT send the pictures to me in world.
You have to upload them yourself on flickr

Giftcards, skins, clothing, jewelry, maybe even a one of a kind exclusive.
Maybe all of the above! Who knows!?! But I guarantee it will put a smile on your face.

This will be an ongoing thing and I would like to pick the first winner by next week
so get to uploading ;)

Have fun and good luck! Can't wait to see you all!
Lexi Morgan
Stellar Designs

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