Sunday, August 24, 2008

New! [Rockstar] Leather for HIM + more

Yes, I know. I've neglected the guys (and I've been reminded recently).
I promise there's more coming soon but in the meantime I hope this will suffice :)
These are a bit different from the ladies Rockstar leathers.
Three style pants: 1 rock belted, 1 star belted, 1 with no belt all in one pack... each is on the underwear and pants layer and they have optional sculpted cuffs. Three great colors to choose from (black, gunmetal, worn gold). They're in the center of the mens store which is to the right of the womens store.

I also have some new piercings for him and her. They're all sculpted and you could find these in the center of the tattoo/jewelry store which is left of the womens store at the landing.

Hope you like.. and Happy Saturday!

He's wearing:
Hair - Sinistyle
Skin - Abyss

She's wearing:
Hair - GuRL 6
Skin - Stellar - Surreal v2 Melina [Exotic]
Diamond Star Choker - Stellar

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