Sunday, August 17, 2008

New! [Rockstar] SKIRTS

These sweet little leather skirts (with peekaboo plaid panels) are a sexy addition to the original "Rockstar" ensemble. Eight colors, sold individually or the mega pack and like the other Rockstar sets, only the mega pack includes the white bonus color!
They're in the center of the womens store on the new items shelves.

Hair by Deviant Kitties
Skin by Sin Skin
Jewelry by Stellar
Faded Nailpolish by Sinistyle


Anonymous said...

is the top in your store too? I noticed the skirt didn't have a shirt layer in the box, and it looks really good as a whole outfit.

Lexi Morgan said...

No, these are just the skirts as it says in the title :)
The original Rockstar set which includes the matching shirts and pants are also for sale though separately.
You could see them here

The shirts are only sold with the pants ^