Thursday, September 18, 2008

*Buy One Get One Sale* ONE DAY ONLY!

WHEN?: 12am SL time Sept 18th through 12am SL time Sept 19
WHERE?: Stellar Designs @ Stellar Isle [
Limo ]
WHY?: Because I can

Yup, it's for one day only so get your comfortable shoes and head on over!
I think the poster above is clear enough on how this sale works but just to be safe I'd like to point out the important things.
-Valid on 1200L and less only. That means that you can even pick up that skin you've been wanting and possibly even a fat pack that you've had your eye on for up to 1200L and you are entitled to something of equal or lesser value. That doesn't mean that you could spend 1200 on a fat pack and expect 4 dresses @ 300L each. This is a Buy ONE get ONE free sale. You get ONE item in addition to the one that you purchased. It also doesn't mean that you could purchase a mega pack for 2500 and ask for another. 1200L is the max on the sale items.

-There is no limit on the BoGo's... meaning if you buy 10 items for 300L each, you are entitled to 10 additional items @ 300 (or less) each.
-Giftcards are included in this too. If you're buyin, I'm supplyin.

-NOTECARDS are a must. I can almost guarantee that I will not see your requests if it's sent through IM. So, if you choose to go that route (IM) and you dont hear back from me.. not my fault.
Name the notecard "BOGO SALE (your name)". On the inside of the notecard I will need your purchased items transaction history from the SL website. More importantly, the transaction numbers. Please don't put on the notecard something to the effect of "I bought the halter dress in blue and i'd like it in green too". I dont think I need to explain that further. lol
I'll also need the exact name(s) of the item(s) that you are requesting. The more info that I have from you the quicker you will get your items.
-No, I cannot and will not send the BoGo'd items to a friend or one of your alts. If you purchased them, I will be sending the requested items to you so keep in mind that my stuff is no transfer.

Last but not least, please be patient with me. I will get you the items that you are requesting, I promise :)

Any questions, let me know!

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