Sunday, October 05, 2008

Rental Shops @ Stellar Isle

*UPDATE* All gone.. thanks and good luck to all that rented :)

I have recently added a few more rental shops to the existing 6 or so. This isn't a "mall" atmosphere. They are stores that are located acrosss the street from my womens, mens, accessories stores.
Currently open:
(1) 25 prim store
(1) 30 prim store
(1) 50 prim store
(1) 75 prim store
They generally go fast so if you are interested please stop by the isle and grab the info card out of the rental boxes. I do not make exceptions of any kind.. so please read it thoroughly.
You will need to join an additional group (not the Stellar Designs one) so drop me a note to add you if needed.

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