Monday, November 03, 2008

Bellezza Dresses

I should have known better. I made mens sweaters and none in "pretty" colors for the ladies.
I hope this makes up for it :)
They're in the center of the womens store on the new shelves.

Hair by Maitreya
Skin by Redgrave
Jewelry by Stellar


Sharon said...

Cute outfit. I just want to comment on the blog itself. It's good, but those stars that cover the blog only get in the way of seeing the pictues. I started looking through the rest of the pics on this blog, but then stopped cuz those stars are just way too annoying. It looks cute at first glance, but practically, it made me want to stop looking at the blog. Other than that.. keep up the good work on the clothing.

Lexi Morgan said...

Thanks for the input, Sharon. I will look for a new less annoying blog template soon.