Thursday, November 06, 2008

NEW! Crushed Velvet Ice Skating Sets

Years ago, I made some ice skating dresses that I absolutely loved. I pulled them off the shelves a while back because they were so outdated. I love ice skating in SL and I always have a huge ice pond at Stellar for the holidays so I needed to make new and improved dresses.
They are soft, form fitting crushed velvet dresses with a sculpted collar, sleeves, sash tie, a micro flex skirt (touch resizable) and touch colorable fur earmuffs.
I went a little crazy with color so there are 12 to choose from.. and they are to the left of the entrance in the womens store, where they will remain through the winter months.

I will be working hard on other holiday/winter goodies this entire month so if you don't hear from me as much, that's why. I will be releasing everything at once but that won't be for a while yet :)

Hair by GuRL 6
Skin by Redgrave

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