Monday, January 12, 2009

Stellar News!

As I had mentioned on my previous post, I have decided to re-brand my business name (well, sort of). Effective today, it's now "Stellar by Lexi Morgan" & thats how it appears in search too. This will obviously be a gradual change due to having my old logo plastered on everything for over 4 years. As for my stellar designs group.. for now I am keeping it as is, since there are over 4,000 members so please stay put until I decide what I'm going to do. I may decide to never change it. I don't think I'll be moving to a new blog either. I've renamed this one and that's probably the only change with it. Here's my new logo that you will be seeing around. I wanted it to be clean, sleek & modern because that is what I love most.
More changes to come with Stellar. Just so ya's know!
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Ana Lutetia said...

Looks great! I have retagged my blog:


Dana said...

Love the new Logo and love your stuff!!!