Monday, February 02, 2009

Valentine's (cheap) Goodies & Group Info

You may remember these items from last year. I've been asked over the past year to put a few of them back out for sale, so I thought now was the appropriate time.
They're all in the front of the womens & mens stores (plus some transferable valentine's sculpted balloons). Nothing is over 50L! The boxers, jeans and layered tee are all at my XstreetSL Store so you are able to gift these non-transferables if you would like.
GROUP NEWS! I have put the Stellar Designs group back to free to join until Feb 10th.
After that time it will go back to 250L. I wont say the reason for this but if you are familiar with me and holidays, you'll be able to figure it out. Just sayin ;)

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