Sunday, March 08, 2009

Spring @ Stellar

I've been a little busy creating a new spring line. It will all launch at the Clothing Fair on March 16th. More info about that to come soon, but for now.. here is a sneak peak of what I've been up to. Beware.. LOTS of pictures... You can click to see them larger.

Available in silver, red, pink, green, gold & blue

Available in silver, red, purple, pink, peach, green, blue & beige.
You may have noticed that my "Stellar Girls" (aka customer service reps) have been wearing this hot little number in green this month.

Some things were meant to be only in black. This is one.

No idea why I have never made a catsuit before. This curve hugging goodness comes in red, silver, pink, lime, blue & black.

You already know that I'm a plaid freak but I especially love it in the spring & summer.. so here's more! This one comes in blue, green, pink & white.

I've made lots of these spring'y cotton pants for the guys in plaids & solids.

They come in white, salmon solid & plaid, ocean solid & plaid, moss solid & plaid, grey solid & plaid, beige solid & plaid.

Wondering where the polo shirt came from in the above ads?

... and there it is. It comes in smoke, silver, salmon, plum, green, navy & beige.

More casual spring'like shirts. I'm very big on "greens" this spring if you haven't already noticed :)

available in smoke, silver, salmon, mint, blue & beige.

I made some cropped sweats for the ladies last month and heard some sniffles from the guys, so violla...

comes in red, plum, orange, green, blue and ash.

My Relay for Life contributions

100% proceeds from the dresses and matching shoes go to Relay for Life for the American Cancer Society. They are available in purple, pink, green, contrast (black & white) and blue. The shoes and dresses are VERY reasonably priced and are each sold separately. I hope that you'll grab them.

Phew! That about wraps it up. Hope to see you at the Fair.

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