Tuesday, August 04, 2009

New Beachy Stuff!

I've made a smokin' hot polka dot bikini in 8 color choices. All clothing layers, there's a prim front tie for realism & each color comes with matching flip flops. They're in the center of the womens store & the 8 pack is on xstreet only.
Years ago I made something called "Sand Covered. It hasn't been available in my store for a while now but it was always a favorite item of mine. I decided that it needed a major updating... so there you have it. It's unisex, on all clothing layers and it gives you the sandy body effect that you see in the pic. You could wear all parts together or just in sections (feet, upper, lower, hands). Really cute stuff for the beach lovers! This one is in the mens, womens & tattoo stores.

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