Saturday, October 03, 2009

Halloween'ish & group news...

The first of my Halloween 2009 costumes. Well, this one is a bit more than a costume.
It can all be purchased separately or in one complete pack.
Skin, hair, shape, tail, ears, face piercings, cat collar, dress, boots, eyes & eyelashes make up this entire set. Fun stuff!
It's in the new costume area to the right of the entrance in the womens store.
Free skin, shape & hair demos are avail :)

Also I would like to mention that I have created a new VIP group called "Stellar by Lexi Morgan" (you could find it via my profile but it should be in group search). It is free to join until Oct 10th. After then it will be 250L and it will be for store announcements & exclusive group gifts. Please make the switch asap and tell your friends/family to join too while it's free! I will eventually be deleting the old "Stellar Designs" group, so there is no reason to stay in both once you've made the switch.

::loves:: Lexi

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