Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Exciting news @ Stellar!

Hello there! As you may have noticed, I am in the process of having an entire sim rebuild done. It will be drastically different and I cant even tell you how excited I am about all the ideas that I have for the new sim. I am leaving the beach behind and moving to the city. New York City.. to be exact.
I would love to include you all in a way that would be special. Here is my idea...
In Time Square in NY, there are buildings with billboards plastered all over them as this example shows
I am planning to have this same look. I would love for you to make photos of your avatar, you and friends or you and loved ones wearing something from Stellar and posing in an ad type of photo that I could put on my billboards in "Stellar Square". The only requirement is that you have to wear something from Stellar, whether it be clothes, tattoos, jewelry/ accessories, shoes, hair, etc and it must be clearly visible in the photo. It can be black & white, sepia or in color. You can play with the image in photoshop, I am not looking for just average snaps from in world. Be creative! I like it hot! :)
I cannot guarantee that I will be able to use everyones photos but if they fit what I am looking for, you are more than likely to see yourself up in lights. woohoo!
Please make the photo's 512x512 and tga or png format. They must be full perm and you can pass them to me in a folder labeled "Stellar sim photos *your avatar name here*"
I cant wait to see what you do!
We are hoping for a July 10th date to launch the new sim so please get the pics to me asap.
Thank you!! ~ Lexi Morgan

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