Friday, June 04, 2010

NEW!! "Designer Liner" @ Stellar

I'm the kind of girl that gets tired fast with one look. So, I decided to make some "Designer Liner" that are worn on the tattoo layer of viewer 2.0. You wear them right along with your favorite skins! I've made lots of colors to start with so I wont show them all here. Some of the style options include single & duo colors for the ladies and I've also made a couple packs of guyliners. I'll be adding to this collection because I've had so much fun making them and I love wearing them even more.
I have huge displays up in the center of my womens store, tattoo store. The mens store has the guyliners only. Please try the free demo's offered before you buy. I have tried my best to perfect these so that they work with a lot of different skins but it wasn't possible to test them with every single skin out there. These will be up on Xstreet today too. Happy Friday!

Oh almost forgot.. one new tattoo is out today as well. I was feeling very musical this week :P

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