Saturday, July 31, 2010

New release & random info @ Stellar

Hey there! I've decided to take a much needed vacation from "working" for the month of August, so this will be my last release until September'ish.
The new Stellar sim build will be launching on September 1st, so you will be hearing from me before then. I'll still be around occasionally in world and on plurk. If you need help with anything please drop me an IM or nc.
Also, I will continue to participate in Hump Day Happiness for August.

Here's today's new dress. Hope you like it! Taxi to Stellar.

Hair by Truth
Skin by Laqroki
Jewelry, tattoos & RoXy boots by Stellar


Emerald Wynn said...

Lexi, I wanted to leave this comment because I'll admit that the first time I walked into Stellar, I saw a ton of cropped shirts and tiny clothes and thought, "Oh, not my style."

But lately your releases have totally delighted me - beautiful work that has taught me an important lesson: I need to stop sticking my head in stores and immediately categorizing them. Your recent lace top release is now in my Favorites folder. And THOSE BOOTS!!!

I'm looking forward to watching your journey in SL. You're on my "ones to watch" list (that lives in my head right now).

Thank you for making SL a more beautiful place. This sounds like such a kiss-ass comment, but I wanted to publicly applaud your talent. ♥

paypabak said...

What a nice comment from Emerald! And well-deserved! I love the Roxy dress!