Thursday, September 02, 2010

:: Stellar new build update ::

**UPDATE** The sim will now re-open on Saturday, Sept 4th @ 5pm SL time, (providing that I am not hit too hard by the Hurricane). The job is just really overwhelming to all involved and we need some sleep :) Hope to see you on Saturday!

The Stellar sim is now closed and will re-open on Friday (9.3.10). HUGE changes have been underway for months and we will be finishing up over the next few day. You'll hear from me again when we're back up and running. Until then if you need anything "Stellar" please feel free to shop @ my online store.

Now on to some teaser pics of our version of Times Square.
There is still some texturing to be done as you'll notice but we're almost there!

What's New York without a subway?

This is one of my favorite projects of all. If you own a store (with your own original content) and would like to put out some items for sale at my "Stellarwill" store, please contact me over the next couple days. Everything here must be set from free - 50L max, because the goal for this store is to help new members and those that are on a budget. You can put up to 3 items down, need a group tag to do so.. and best of all it's free. Also, I have changed Stellar from Mature to PG so nudity or anything "mature" is not permitted.

Oh yes, we have a club. Expect events!

That's a little bit of what's going on right now. You'll have to excuse me while I live in busy mode for the next few days. I will also have 2-4 small rental stores (30 prim) available soon. More to come soon.
Lexi Morgan


paypabak said...

Looking good!undulgk

Anonymous said...

PG..mhm lots of kids around..good luck