Saturday, April 23, 2011

The future of Stellar

I have something a little bit sad (for me) to talk about. I've grown very attached to my sim over the many years that I've been in SL but it is time that I let it go. Stellar Isle will be officially closing on May 15, 2011. Within the next few weeks, I will be purchasing a much smaller parcel of land to keep a small store on.
I have debated back and forth with myself for months about retiring from Second Life completely, but the truth is, I love what I do too much. I'd miss it like crazy. So, there will still be new releases from me ...just not as often.
Within this next week I will be pulling tons of items out of my store (womens, mens, hair, tattoos, etc) and placing them in a yet to be announced location for a clearance sale. These are the items that will not be coming with me to the new store.. but they will remain on the marketplace. However, the clearance sale will be 100L and less for about a week, so keep watching for that.
Thank you to all that have visited my lovely sim and if you have never been there, please feel free to stop in before it closes to have a look around. I'll miss my home. Peace.
xo Lexi Morgan


Anonymous said...

awwwwwwwwww, why not hire someone to manage it for you instead of closing it??

Maia Humphreys said...

Sorry to hear you're shutting down your sim when you've worked so hard on it. As we all know, a lot of us in SL are making that same tough decision. But I'm so glad you aren't leaving us completely! Long live Stellar!

Magenta DeVinna said...

Im so sorry, this is really sad. I hope you are happy in your new little store though.

Lexi Morgan said...

Thank you, Maia and Magenta <3 means a lot to me!
and "Anonymous".. I've had several women working for me for years, unfortunately that wouldn't change the reason that I am closing the sim. Thanks though :)