Sunday, June 03, 2007

The NEW Stellar

So, we're a little behind schedule with the rebuild and setting things up. What
a job this has been for all involved! Remind me to never EVER decide that I want a new sim design again lmao
Anyway.. I'm really happy with Ripp's design, it's amazing as usual and I think it will be home for a very very long time! It's not 100% done yet but it IS open and here's some information bout' it:
The "megastore" is no more. Everything is one level so wooot to that. I now have a HUGE store for womens only. To the right of that is a smaller Mens store and to the left is the stellar accessories store (empty at the moment) which will soon include tattoos, costumes, my jewelry, my shoes blah blah ..basically anything that doesn't fit in a "clothes" category.
LOTS of clearance items will be in all 3 of my stores. They're already in mens and womens right at the front reception area.
Across from the Stellar stores is Cushing Shoes and Jewelry (Ripp and Skylars stores, semi attached, with a walk through that leads to Stellar Beach (which is not finished at this time).
To the left and right of the landing point, which is in front of Stellar's Womens store, you will find outlet shops of some friends of mine: Ink Slingers, Sexy Motions, GuRL6, The Sweetest Sin, Alyssa Bijoux, Truth, Biquini Boutique and Feminine Fetish. YAY!
Ripp is also in the process of building a new model agency for Stellar Models Inc., so I cant wait to get that up and running! My models have been so patient with all of the moves and sim builds lol, cant wait to actually work with them in fashion shows and stuff!
I don't have a Slur at this time, but I did change the landing point to the new section of the sim so you are still able to shop (search for Stellar Designs), just watch out for falling objects cos we are still working :P

OH also I was asked to make the new Allure set in blue, so that's now in the Mobvend and the price goes down mad cheap with max amount of people in the store so come check it all out!

Back to work I go.. Happy Saturday :)

Hair by GuRL6
Shoes by Cushing (Skylar Pomeray)
Henna Tattoos by Stellar Designs


Truth said...


Looks wicked!!

And cant wait to party with you and drag race you down the strip!! Thanks again you and see ya soon!


Lexi Morgan said...

haha omg I was so doing that late last night! You missed itttttttt!! :( lol