Monday, July 02, 2007


UPDATE: After much thought and after well needed sleep (lol) I have just reduced the skin single price by 125L and the mega pack 1,000L less. Being these are my very first skins... I really do want to make them affordable. I will be refunding anyone that has purchased them, accordingly. If I miss ya.. please give me a hollar :)

Worked my butt off this weekend to get these done.. and YAY I did it. I was going to wait til Monday to release these, but my mornings are hectic sooo they're in the center of the womens store, there's 3 skintones with 7 makeups each (more to come for sure!), all are no transfer and come with a free eyebrow shape & face light. Mega pack purchases include that stuff plus a free body shape.

PLEASE TRY THE DEMOS BEFORE PURCHASING. There are no refunds or exchanges!
I'm probably forgetting stuff.. so go try them lol
Loves, hugs and sweet dreams.. I'm off to bed! ~Lexi

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