Saturday, September 22, 2007


I had planned on this being a Halloween costume when I started working on it, however I got kind of carried away and it now contains 16 pieces and I think it's too cute for just Halloween :) So, it's in the center of the womens store right now and will probably go in the halloween store when thats up and running too.

Here's the full list of what it includes:
1. shirt (on the shirt layer)
2. panties on underwear & pants layers
(together with shirt makes a sexy bodysuit)
4. flex skirt with lace under layer
5. flex "smart skirt" with lace underlayer (smart skirt instruction notecard is provided)
6. flex skirt without lace (fur trimmed)
7. bald hair base
8. "touch to color change" hair (with sculpted braids) - no hood attached
9. up position hood with hair attached - not color changeable
10. down position hood - no hair attached
11. flexi hood strings
12. sculpted mittens
13. sculpted sleeves
14. non prim white snow boots

mod/copy/no transfer

...and I think thats it!

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