Wednesday, September 19, 2007

*Halloween Preview*

Well, maybe more of a tease :)
Here is one of the new costumes that will be going up @ Stellar Halloween Headquarters. This one includes the shirt, shorties, flex skirt, boots, sculpted hat with hair attached, cool mirrored glasses & handcuffs. I'm trying to make a lot of the costumes "complete" so you don't have to run around buying accessories, shoes, hair, etc. Some of course will only have the outfit as I try to suit everyones needs (and wallet).
There will also be LOTS of awesome sculpted decor! Adorable balloons, morbid stuff, pumpkins.. you name it. My goal is to open on October 1st, so keep watching :)
I love Halloween so you can bet there will be tons of goodies for everyone!

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