Saturday, September 01, 2007


After I released the womens Vogue sets the other day, the very fashion savvy Ben Vanguard *hinted* towards the possibility of similar mens sweaters.
Ok so.. he said they were adorable and then I read his mind. Same thing, no?
Yes. Because I said so :) lol
VOILLA... the mens are here!

Six color options, each with sculpted sleeves, sold individually or the 6 pack where you save a buncha lindens.
They're in the center of the mens shop with the rest of the new items.

p.s. These seem to be unisexy because I'm wearing them and they look totally hot on a lady as well. Just will have to mod the sculpties which is really no biggie.

click for bigger images

It's mad late. I'm way tired. I'm outtaaaaa here.
Loves, hugs and all that good sstuff!

Hair by Naughty Designs
Skin by FNKY
Jeans by Stellar

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