Saturday, September 15, 2007

NEW 'Surreal Man' Skins & Shapes

I've had these done for almost a month now.. finally had time to put all of the demos and pictures together over the past few days :)
Surreal Man Skins are available in two skintones...light & tan (maybe more eventually)
Five different face types: Clean Cut, Unshaven, Soul Patch, Trouble & Smoked.
I absolutely LOVE the "trouble" skin!
With every single skin purchase you get a free face light (they make a HUGE difference in pictures with SL's crazy lighting).
With every megapack of skins you get a free body shape & face light.
Come try the demos!
I also made a buncha shapes to go with these and they are right next to the skins display @ the new skin & shape shop.
I will get crackin with more skins and shapes after the halloween shop is done in a few weeks.. but for now, hope ya like these :)
Have a great weekend!

(click to enlarge photos)

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