Saturday, January 19, 2008

Stellar News!

I was just informed by Typewriter Tackleberry that I am in the book (his book...I think) called "Second Life For Dummies" and I've made it on the Top Ten Men’s Clothing Stores list!

How cool is that! I may not be a SL "Dummie" but I cant wait to get the book! lol
Definitely was a nice surprise. If you would like, check it out HERE
In OTHER news.... I have started a new venture called Stellar Style, which basically helps new people or anyone that needs the assistance of a personal shopper, help picking out stylish clothes, hair, shoes you name it! This means you too, men!
I have two amazing ladies, Autumn Fairlane & Prada Beaumont, running it.
They are two of the most fashion savvy women that I've ever met in my life lol. Besides that, they are sooooo sweet.
See what they have to say HERE and come visit them on Stellar Isle :)

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