Friday, August 01, 2008

Stellar Enough Challenge Winners

I've picked the very first winners of the challenge. The good news is, there are SIX WINNERS! YAY! The bad news is.. I had picked 5 more to win, but when I looked at their profiles in world and didnt see the Stellar Designs group, they came off my list of winners.
Sorry, but I'm not about to go searching through the group in case you are hiding it... and being in the group is one of the rules. So if you'd like to win in the future, please make it visible.
The gift for this round is from my new release today called Savage. This one will never be sold though, it is a special edition black version, so there are only 7 copies in world forever (my copy included).
Congrats to these winners (in no specific order):
Estella Starostin, Autumn Fairlane, Alysha Rennahan, Kayla Curtis, Charmm Magic and Heavenleigh Weston

Keep adding those pictures! You never know when I'll be picking more winners :)

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