Thursday, August 28, 2008

...Winners, Gifts & Employment...

Heya! There are some things that I've been meaning to write about but RL keeps distracting me. Last week I picked 6 more winners for the Stellar Enough Challenge.
Congrats to the following ladies for making some awesome pictures: Shelby Ziskey, Leilani Arnaz, Katime Vacano, Katerina Lytton, Chanteusse Lafleur & Autumn Fairlane.
They each won a special giftcard for their choice of any single skin that I have available.
I'll be picking winners again soon! So Get those pictures up!

Are you a member of the Stellar Designs group? If you are, make sure that you check notices!
I was feeling generous today and I sent this, this and this to everyone. wOOt.

Last but not least... I'm hiring a few more Customer Service Reps. If you are interested in working for Stellar please stop by the front desk of the womens store to find out more about the job and fill out an application. It's open to men and women and I should have it there for a few more days.

Hugs! :)

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